1. What is the Christian Burial Fund (CBF)?

  • The CBF was formed over 70 years ago so that Christians as a group could "carry each other’s burdens" and assist its membership in managing the cost of funerals.
  • Simply stated, rather than bereaved families incurring large funeral and burial costs, the CBF as a society would cover such costs over time.


2. Why join the CBF?

  • For most people, death is often something we would rather not think about, but planning for the inevitable is a wise thing to do.
  • Membership is very affordable (see Q#4 below).

3. Who can join the CBF?

  • Anyone over 18, who is a member of a Christian church, may join.

4. What are the fees to join?

  • Membership fees are $11.55 ($11.00 + GST) per billing period (twice/year) plus an additional levy for each member that has deceased during that billing period.
  • The average fee per membership has been approximately $60.00 every six months.

5. Can I join the CBF at any time?

  • Yes, however it is recommended that you join after your 20th birthday.
  • Those joining after age 30 are levied an entrance fee (amount varies with age).
  • Membership applications can be obtained at the CBF's office (see Q#13 below).

6. Is my whole family covered?

  • Yes. Your family, including any children, is covered.  Children are covered until the age of 20 years, after which they need to take out their own membership to continue coverage.

7. What are the cost savings by joining the CBF rather than

    paying my own funeral costs?

  • For all practical purposes, funeral costs run around $10,000.00/death.  By comparison, the CBF members have paid about $1300.00 in fees over 10 years (2008-2017).

8. If a member of my family becomes deceased, what do I do?

  • Call Foster & McGarvey Funeral Home at 780-428-6666, inform them you are members of the CBF and they will assist you through the necessary steps.

9. If I become divorced, is my ex-spouse still covered? 

  • No. You must notify the CBF to remove this individual from your family coverage.
  • Notification should occur within 90 days of your divorce.
  • The removed member may continue to pay normal membership fees noted under Q#4 to continue their coverage.

10. If I get married or remarried, is my new spouse covered? 

  • No. You must notify the CBF to add your spouse to your family coverage and a pro-rata entrance fee (amount varies with age) may be levied (see Q#5 above).
  • Notification should occur within 90 days of your marriage.

11. If I do not use all of the services, can I expect a refund?

  • No.  Contracts have been set up years ago with Foster & McGarvey, Westlawn Memorial Gardens and Little Mountain cemetery for these services. The contract fee is the same whether all or a portion of the provided services are used.

12. Where are the cemeteries located?

  • Westlawn Cemetery is located at 163rd Street and Stony Plain Road and Little Mountain Cemetery is located at 160th Avenue and 50th Street.

13. Who do I call if I have any questions?

  • Call the CBF office at 780-964-7165. Office hours are: Monday to Friday  9:30 pm - 4:30 pm (do not call to report a death or arrange funeral)
  • Office location is in the Christian Credit Union building*

                           13504 - 142 Street,
                           Edmonton, Alberta T5L 4Z2 


         * The Christian Credit Union provides Administrative Services for the Christian              Burial Fund only. 





Frequently Asked Questions